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Power Tools subscription
Power Tools subscription
Managing your Power Tools subscription on the Shopify Platform
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Please, note that all access and billing is controlled by Shopify, not by Power Tools so we don't have the ability or facility to cancel/pause/extend/refund your subscription from our end. Please contact Shopify directly for billing inquiries. 

How to start a Power Tools subscription
First add the Power Tools Suite or Filter Menu, or any of our other apps to your store,
then log in to the app through the 'Apps' section in your Shopify admin and accept the billing agreement. The app is available for a free 14 day trial, after the trial period you will be automatically billed each month through your Shopify billing account.

How to cancel a Shopify subscription
Once you remove the app from the 'Apps' section in your Shopify admin, the billing agreement associated with this app is discontinued and no further charges will take place. Note you may still be billed for the current month as per Shopify's billing policies.

How to upgrade from Filter Menu to Power Tools Suite
Firstly install the Power Tools Suite, and agree to the new billing agreement, then you can safely remove the Filter Menu. All of your settings will be saved. This also applies to any of our other apps.

What's the difference?
Power Tools Suite includes all our apps (Filter Menu, Trending Sort, Pricing Policy, etc.) and it is $1 more than the Filter Menu, per month.

If your store is on the trial, development, or affiliate plans, the app is free to use, and will not prompt you for a billing agreement. Once converted to a normal paid store it will send you an email and ask you to agree to the billing agreement. Until the agreement is accepted you will not be able to access the app.

If you have any additional questions, please contact support through the live chat in the app, or at

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