There are potentially a few steps to take, depending on how many features and filters you have added. 

When you remove the app, as with all Shopify apps, it immediately loses access to your store, so it cannot clean up and uninstall itself. This means that it is actually easier to remove the app while it is still installed. 

Step 1. Update Theme

If your theme has been updated, then it will need to be reverted to its previous state. When you run the Theme Installer for your theme, it will take a backup of your theme by default. 

If this backup theme is still up-to-date, then you can simply publish it.

If the backup theme is out-of-date, or you do not have a backup, then there are few options.

  1. You can run the Uninstall helper, from the Theme Installer. Note that this may not work for all themes, due to custom modifications specific to that theme.

  2. You can temporarily disable the Filter Menu, from the Theme Settings, under Filter Menu

  3. Have our support team remove it for you. This is a free service, so if you are unsure we would be happy to help.

Step 2. Remove tags and collections

When you start adding filters, it can create collections and tags on your products, in order for the filters to work correctly. You may want to remove these if you do not have any further use for them. 

Removing these collections and tags is best done through the app. 

  1. If you delete any of your filter groups, it will prompt you to delete any collections and tags that were in use by that group. This a quick way of removing collections and tags, however, care should be taken, as these collections and tags may also be used by other parts of your Shopify store, and may have been created before installing the app.

  2. You can use the Bulk Edit Tags to remove any tags

  3. Sometimes the easiest way is to manually delete any collections in the Shopify admin. This is surprisingly quick and easy as you can remove up to 50 collections at a time.

If you are having issues please contact support and we can advise the best steps to take based on your store data.

Step 3. Remove the App

Finally remember to uninstall the app, by removing it from the Apps section of your store. You can find this section in your Shopify admin > Settings > Apps & Sales Channels.

Once the app has been removed, the billing agreement is canceled. You may be billed for the remainder of the current month, depending on where you are in the billing cycle. If you have any billing questions, contact Shopify support directly.

If you have any additional questions, please contact support through the live chat in the app, or at

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