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How to use Speed Tag
How to use Speed Tag

The Speed tag app allows you to quickly add/remove tags on a collection of products

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With the Speed Tag app, you can start with a list of tags you want to add or remove, and (optionally) select a collection of products to work on - by default the app will load all products when you open the page.

In the "Tags to choose from" input you can add your list of tags that you want to either add or remove.

In the "Collection (optional)" input you can search through the collections in your store and select one if you want to only work on products in a particular collection.

After setting your tag list and selecting a collection, click the "Reload Products" button.

Once the product list has reloaded you can start adding or removing tags, by checking the box for each tag you want to add or remove on each product in the list.

The app will automatically save changes you make on any product. A few seconds after you make the change you should see a notification in the bottom of the screen, and the new tag added to the tag list for the changed product.

To remove a tag, you can uncheck the box for the tag you want to remove (the tag needs to be included in your list of tags first).

If you have any additional questions, please contact support through the live chat in the app, or at

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