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Why do the filters come back after I delete them?
Why do the filters come back after I delete them?

What to do if you've deleted some filters but they have been added back

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Hiding and Deleting Filters

When setting up filters using the automated options (Product Type, Vendor, Variant options, Tag Prefixes) often the app may create filters that you do not want to show to customers. In this situation if you delete the filter it will come back after some time, this happens because the filters are being generated automatically based on your product data.

In this situation, it is best to hide the filter, by clicking on the eye icon next to each filter. The filter will then be greyed out and will not be shown to your customers. Make sure you click 'Save and Update' after making these changes.

Merging Filters

In some cases, you might want to merge filters instead of hiding them. This is useful especially for color or size filters. As an example you can merge all the blue filters (navy, light blue, dark blue, etc) to show as a single "Blue" option. If you'd like to merge filters please take a look at this guide:

Unlinking automated filters

If you have filters set up for Vendor, Product Type, or Tag Prefixes. And you want to remove that filter group, or accidentally linked the filters to the wrong group. You can unlink them.

Note: for the screenshots below I'm removing a "Tag Prefix" filter group. But these steps can be applied to any type of automated filter group.

To unlink automated filters, find the group you want to edit, and click on the "Source" button next to the group title:

Then click on the "Reset Data Source" link on the right:

The app will ask if you also want to remove the tags and collections used in the filter group, be careful with these options as they cannot be undone, if you delete tags or collections that you need, they will need to be added back manually in most cases.

If you have any additional questions, please contact support through the live chat in the app, or at

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