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Why are my filters being automatically added back after I delete them?
Why are my filters being automatically added back after I delete them?

Learn what features of the app can automatically populate your filters

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In case you've deleted certain filters or even a whole group, but after a while noticed that the deleted options are back within the app, here are a few settings you might want to check:

Variant based filters

If you see 'Variant:' under the Source column for your filters, these filters are being managed by the Variant Tagger - it automatically adds new filters based on variants' availability.

Refer to the Variant Tagger tab in your admin and click the 'Edit' button next to the associated Variant Tagger rule. Check the "Auto-populate filter menu group" dropdown to see which group the Variant Tagger rule is set to populate. You can set it to "None" to disable the feature and stop any new or existing variants from being added as filters.

Vendor or Product Type filters

If you see 'Vendor' or 'Type' under the Source column for re-added filters, the app is set to automatically populate your selected groups with any new or existing vendor and product type related filters.

This setting can be found under the "Vendor/Type Filters" page in your Filter Menu admin:

On this page, you can set the "Vendor Group" or Type Group to "None". You can also disable the features for "Easy Collections" if you wish as well.

Filters based on tag prefixes

If you see "Tags" under the Source column for the re-added filters and the filter options use prefixed tags, the app is set to auto-populate the group with options for the selected prefix.

Refer to the "Tag Filters" tab in your Filter Menu admin:

Delete the rules for the prefixes you no longer want to be auto-populated.

Care should be taken when doing this. The app will prompt you to delete the associated tags and collection used in the filter group. DO NOT check these options if the associated tags and collections are used anywhere else in your Shopify and store frontend. If you aren't sure, it's best to not delete them, they can always be removed later if needed.

What if I still want the group to be auto-populated with options and only delete a few selected filter options?

You can set the app to auto-populate your filters and hide the filter options that you do not want to show on the store.

Instead of deleting the filters permanently, you can click the 'crossed eye' icon on the right side of each filter option:

Make sure to click the 'Save & Update' button after making changes to your filters, this will ensure the changes are reflected on the store frontend accordingly.

If you have any additional questions, please contact support through the live chat in the app, or at

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