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Why aren't my tags being applied?
Why aren't my tags being applied?

Troubleshooting for why Bulk Edit Tags isn't updating the tags you want

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Many of the inputs in the Bulk Edit Tags app are case sensitive, this means that if you input a tag for the app to search for, it needs to exactly match the casing and format of the tag on your store.

For example, if I want to add the tag 'sale' to all of my items that have the tag 'old-items', if I input the tag as 'Old items' then Bulk Edit Tags will not be able to find any matching tags, as the correct format is actually 'old-items'

So running this job would result in no tags being added

The correct formatting would look like this in the app

Resulting in the 'sale' tag being added

If you have any additional questions, please contact support through the live chat in the app, or at

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