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How can I make the filters more compact on desktop and mobile devices?
How can I make the filters more compact on desktop and mobile devices?

Use the theme settings and Filter Menu 'Display' options to make your filters more compact

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There are a couple of options to make the filters more compact, these settings apply to both desktop and mobile views but we can always customize that to only apply to mobile if you want!

Mobile Accordion

You can enable the Mobile accordion in your theme settings, it is often enabled by default on many themes after installation.

Mobile accordion closed

Mobile accordion open

There are many options for customizing the Mobile accordion, such as fonts, size, color, and the maximum screen width.

View More button

In the theme settings for the Filter Menu you can enable the View More button setting, this will only show the selected amount of filters and then show a button to view all the rest:

Desktop accordion setting

Another theme setting that can be turned on is the Desktop accordion, this makes each filter group collapsible and can show all groups open, all groups closed, or just the first group open by default:

Display Options

You can also select to show the filters in two columns, and/or in small boxes, this setting can be enabled in the Filter Menu app admin, by clicking the 'Display' button on the filter group you want to apply the setting on:

The small boxes can be customized in your theme settings as well.

Color Swatches

You could also (this will only apply to your color filters) set the filter display to β€œColor Swatchβ€œ, this will display the color filters as colored circles or squares :

All of these settings could be applied at once, (except for swatches and small boxes) or you can choose one or a few!

If you have any additional questions, please contact support through the live chat in the app, or at

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