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Pricing Policy discounts are not being applied
Pricing Policy discounts are not being applied

If you have set up the Pricing Policy, but prices are not being changed, here are some steps to take

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There could be a few reasons for the prices to be not discounted according to the rules you've set up, here are some settings to check:

Check the Jobs queue

If you have just enabled the Pricing Policy feature for the first time, or recently made some changes to the settings, then your job may be queued or still running. You can check on the queue by clicking on 'Jobs' in the app sidebar:

The Pricing Policy app is disabled

Any changes to the rules will disable the Pricing Policy. Make sure to run a test and if you are happy with the results, click the 'Enable & Run' button above in the Pricing Policy tab:

The Pricing Policy rule is currently 'Inactive'

Kindly check the date and time specified for the sale to be run and set them up accordingly. Please note, all dates and times are measured in UTC time. A nice free UTC time converter can be found at

'Compare at price's are set to $0.00 in your Shopify admin

The app uses the Compare at price to calculate your discounts, when the compare at price is set to zero, the app does not apply a discount, as this would end up setting all of your prices to zero.

To fix this you’ll need to go through and clear the compare price fields to be empty (greyed out), when they are empty the app will apply the current price to the Compare at price field and then calculate the discount.

Check the 'Rule type' you've selected

  • Apply Percentage Discount - applies the chosen discount.

  • Only Decrease Price By Discount - sets the discount only if the discounted price is lower than the current price.

  • Only Increase Price By Discount - sets the discount only if the discounted price is higher than the current price.

  • Don't Alter Price - works by saving the original price, not applying the discount.

Price is greater than the 'Compare At' price

Shopify now enforces that the price must be less than or equal to the Compare at price on all products/variants. If your rule results in a price that is greater than the Compare at price, then the price will not be changed.

Check the order of your rules

The rules in the Pricing Policy are run from top to bottom and a rule further down the list may be overwriting a previous rule's changes. You can change the order of the rule groups using the arrow buttons on the right of each group.

You can also click and drag rules within the groups by clicking on the three vertical dots on the left

If you have any additional questions, please contact support through the live chat in the app, or at

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