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Bulk Edit Tags Overview
Bulk Edit Tags Overview

Getting started with the Power Tools bulk tag editor

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Bulk Edit Tags was designed to make it much easier to add tags to many products in one go. The app is split up into sections, with each section offering a different method of adding tags.

Before editing your tags we recommend making a backup of your products. When editing tags there are no functions to "undo" previous changes, other than running a new job to add tags back. Be especially careful when bulk deleting tags or making changes to all products.

For more information on how to export a backup of your products, see this help article from Shopify:

Add/Remove tags on all products in a collection

Using the Add or remove tags by collection section, you can add or remove one or more tags to all products in the selected collection.

Select the collection using the dropdown, then the method (Add/Remove) and the tags you want to update in the text box.

Add, Remove, or Replace tags based on existing tags

Using the Add or remove tags by existing tags section, you can add, remove, or replace tags on all items that have an existing tag.

In the first input, provide the tag (or tags) you want the app to look for. If you provide more than one tag, the app will look for items that have both of those tags, not either one.

Select whether you want to add, remove, or replace tags and provide the tags you want the app to update.

Bulk Delete Tags

Use the Bulk delete tags section to delete all instances of any of the tags given. You can provide a list of tags for the app to delete from your store, this list can be comma-separated, or each tag can be listed on a new line.

Update tags based on the text in product titles or descriptions

Use the Edit tags by description or title section to update tags based on text contained in the product title or description, this can be useful for items that have a color mentioned in their title, or any other piece of data that you want to tag.

First, provide the app with the text to search for. If you're only providing one word or one piece of data, leave the mode on "Exact Match".

If you have more than one item to search for, make sure to change the mode to either:

  • "Match All" - to match all of the words provided

  • "Match Any" - to match any one of the words provided

Then choose whether you want to add or remove the tag, and input the tag(s) to add.

Product Tag Jobs

This feature is not available in the free version of Bulk Edit Tags, but if you have the Power Tools Filter Menu or Power Tools Suite, you can set up scheduled tagging jobs that will be run on every store update.

These jobs can be set to add, remove, or synchronize tags on products based on the collection they are in.

Synchronizing tags is the process of adding a tag to all items in the collection, and removing the same tag from any items that are not in the collection.

Edit tags on a list of products

Use the Bulk Add and Delete using a list of products section to update tags based on a list of product handles or ids. The formatting of this list is important, each line should refer to one product handle or id, the method (add/remove), and the tags to edit separated by commas.

For example:

123456, add, tag-1, tag 2
product-handle-1, remove, tag-1, tag 2

Convert 'handle' tags to 'Title Case'

Use the Convert 'handle' tags (color-red) to 'title case' (Color Red) section to convert all tags in your store from the handle format (all-lower-case-with-dashes) to title case.

Do not click this button if you are using the Power Tools Filter Menu, as some of your tags may be deleted permanently.

Definitely make a backup of your products before clicking this button, as there is no undo function here. For more information on how to export your product list, please check this help article from Shopify:

If you have any additional questions, please contact support through the live chat in the app, or at

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