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Why are my products not being hidden when sold out?
Why are my products not being hidden when sold out?

Troubleshooting guide for the Hide Sold Out feature

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If you have enabled the Hide Sold Out features, but you are still seeing sold out products on your store, here are a few things you can check to make sure the app is working correctly.

Check the Jobs queue

If you have recently enabled the app for the first time, or recently made some changes to the settings, then your job may be queued or still running. You can check on the queue by clicking on "Jobs" in the app sidebar:

The time it takes to complete a job will depend on the number of products in your store, and the features you have enabled. Shopify applies a rate limit to external apps, so Hide Sold Out is able to process around 2 items per second.

Check Product Settings

If your job has completed, but there are still some sold out products showing on the store, you can check the settings on the product in your Shopify Admin.

If the product has variants, and any of the variants are still in stock, then the product will be considered in stock and will not be hidden.

If all of the variants are sold out, click on the "Edit" button for any variant.

On the next screen, under the heading "Inventory", make sure that the "Track Inventory" box is checked and the "Continue selling when out of stock" is unchecked.

If you are not tracking inventory through Shopify, but through a third-party system, make sure that you have this feature enabled in the Hide Sold Out app.

Multiple Store Locations

If your store is set up to use multiple locations, Shopify only allows us to calculate the total inventory for all locations, so if an item is in stock at any location it will not be hidden.

Shopify has recently made some changes to the way that products can be managed which will allow us to look at individual location inventories, we are currently working on an update for this feature.

If you have any additional questions, please contact support through the live chat in the app, or at

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