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Filter Modes - Multi-select and other modes
Filter Modes - Multi-select and other modes

Learn about the different filter modes, such as Single, Multi-select, Replacer, and Collection List

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The Filter Menu has several modes to choose from on each group. The default option is 'Single', which allows only one filter in a group to be selected at a time, however the other modes often work better.

  • Single - A single filter can be applied

  • Replacer - Our favourite, shows all the filters that can be selected, allowing quick switching. This has the highest engagement rate, and out-performs OR style filters in most cases

  • Mutli-Select - Multiple filters in the same group can be checked. Note that this is an AND style filter, not and OR.  This is a limitation of the Shopify platform and how the Filter Menu works unfortunately, you can only use AND style filters, not OR. For example, if you select black and blue colors from the color filter, products that are both black and blue will appear, not black products and blue products.

  • Collection List - Use this for your top-level filters. It lists out the collections, and when selected will reset the filters and go directly to that collection.

We recommend the 'Replacer' mode in most cases, it allows quick switching between the filters.

Here is also a video guide covering the filter modes.

If you have any additional questions, please contact support through the live chat in the app, or at

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